F22 Electricity Agricultural drone

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F16Y Hybrid drone

F16Y Hybrid

F30 Hybrid Drone

This UAV is an oil-electric hybrid UAV, with a load of 28KG, a load of 4L fuel, a take-off weight of 70kg, and a endurance time of up to 40 minutes. A tank of fuel can continuously operate 4 tanks of liquid medicine, eli

MX616 Agricultural Drone

MX616 is a Multi rotor agricultural drone,a load of 16 kg。

MX610 Electricity Agricultural drone


GX622 Electricity Agricultural drone

GX622 Electricity Agricultural drone is an agricultural plant protection UAV with carbon fiber special-shaped boom. It has a six rotor structure, with a load of 22kg and more stable flight.

F22 Electricity Agricultural drone

F22 Electricity Agricultural drone is a multi rotor UAV using battery energy, which is simple and convenient to operate

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