Special feature

Yes, the same aircraft can use two systems, one for spreading and one for spraying.
There are manuals and teaching videos for electronic files.
The flight time of a set of batteries is about 10-15 minutes.
There are two kinds of packaging for our products: spare parts and whole machines. The whole machine packaging refers to the assembled products, which are ready to fly.
We are a manufacturer. The delivery time depends on the quantity of the order. Generally, it can be delivered within 7 to 15 days. It takes longer for customized products.
The oil-electric hybrid does not need to be charged, and the engine has a charging system, which mainly uses oil. The electricity is to ensure that the engine can return to the landing safely when there is no oil; the electric can be used to spray medicine, and a set of batteries can fly for 8-10 minutes.
There are manuals and teaching videos for electronic files.
The normal flight time of a tank of oil is 40-45 minutes. The specific amount of land to be sprayed depends on the different crops you spray. The normal rice spraying is 1 liter of potion sprayed on one mu of land.
Generally, the spray blessing is about 4-5 meters, and the horizontal rod spray head can be installed according to the demand, and the spray blessing is larger.
We have 2 kinds of sprinkler heads: ordinary pressure sprinkler head and centrifugal sprinkler head, centrifugal sprinkler head has larger water output and better atomization effect.